Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The review is in...

Last weekend I baked a Washington Apple Pie for my sorority sister from Seattle. She is possibly the nicest person I have ever met so when asked to bake her a pie that reminds her of home, I was more than happy to. I asked her to write me a review and here it is, straight from Matiland to you.

"My review of Katie's Pie: The apple pie that Katie made for me was absolutely delicious. I am from Washington State and I requested the apple pie because I missed my mommy who makes amazing pies. Katie managed to make a pie that was every bit as good as any that my mom has made. The personal touch of the heart on the top was perfect. It was sooo yummy :)"

Well there ya have it, folks, I guess it was good. I never did have a piece; had I, the pie never would have made it successfully across campus.

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